UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – Entering the holiday season, residents will be able to find more services available around the Utica area regarding health, food, and fitness.

There were more than 27 local fitness-related vendors participating and distributing information on health and wellness. Staff from the Oneida County Health Department provided flu shots. CABVI medical staff provided children and adult vision screenings, along with blood pressure screenings and fitness demonstrations.

Dr. Wadas at Cabvi said that she provided vision screening for over 40 patients and offered suggestions on what community members can do to protect their visions.

“At CABVI we served those who are visually impaired or blind. Some of the greatest services that we offer are a holistic approach to looking at the patients. So start at the basics like are they able to navigate in their house safely. Are they able to cock their meals, doing laundry, doing household chores. On top of that, different services allow them to learn how to use their cell phones with accessibility features, different types of technology so they can read their mail and working on their job and carry on with vocational life,” said Dr. Wadas, CABVI low vision doctor.

For people who can not get regular vision screening due to various reasons like lack of funding, less accessible transportation, or language barrier, CABVI wants this event to bring more services to the underserved community.

“So far it seems to have a really great outcome. People are really surprised when they come in and they don’t really know what we have here. You see it from the street, but this is the first time that you have the opportunity that we have to welcome the public in here. Before it was just consumers of ours who would come to have services. But now this is open to the public and why that’s important is someone may not know that they would qualify for services from us. So they come in here and maybe their loved ones, their parents or their child can benefit from our services so it’s an opportunity for them to come in and meet some of the people that work here that provide the services,” said Karen Murphy, CABVI Outreach Coordinator.