Utica Bike Rescue

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The non profit organization that uses donated parts and bikes to repair bikes and teach bike repair and safety was founded back in 2013 by Matt Vanslyke.

“You know just my own interest in bicycling and repairing bikes, my own bikes and other people’s bikes. I’ve worked in different bike shops over the years.” Matt Vanslyke, Executive Director of Utica Bike Repair

Everything is on a volunteer basis and even people who need a bike can volunteer to earn one,
“They can come in and select one of the bikes we have. We always have usually a pretty good inventory of a couple hundred bikes on hand that people can choose from. They are in varying states of disrepair and needing refurbishing. So they can come in and do that if they know how to do it. They can do that fully independently. We can help as needed and we have the tools and the parts necessary to do that. They can fix up their own bike of course and they can come in and use our tools and work stands and that’s free of charge.” -Vanslyke

This is done at their Utica location inside the Westminster Moriah Olivet Presbyterian Church on Washington street. There are also refurbished bikes available for purchase.

“The space that we have here in Clinton, this is a store front were we operate and do bicycle repair and sale and service on used bikes.”

Last week, the bike repair shop received $500 dollars in unclaimed fund, “An effort will go right back into providing bicycles for people who need them. That means parts or some of the consumable supplies we have.”

And the bike rescue started a mobile service this pat spring that allows them to come directly to a person’s house or place of business in their mobile trailer.

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