Updates on the Harbor Point Development Project

Local News

UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY-TV) – The Harbor Point development project here in Utica is moving forward and two developers have joined the project.

“One is going to take over the 1933 building in addition they’re going to build a new building that’s going to house restaurant housing. the other one is going to develop behind Delmonicos that whole area its like 17 acres and its going to be mixed use”, said Vincent Gilroy, Chairman of The Utica Harbor Point LDC.

The beginning stages of the project included reconstructing the harbor walls and extending Wurs Ave. to the back of the project, which is called DSA 1. Gilroy tells us that now that the harbor walls have been reconstructed to prevent flooding, businesses are more likely to put money into the project. And now, they have an empire state development grant to re-do the promenade.

“Which is to put barriers around the water so that nobody falls in and then dress up the area with benches and places for people to sit and so on,” said Gilroy.

And the next step is connecting this area to the Nexus Center.

“We’re finding a way to finance a bridge a bridge from the Nexus Center into the harbor and into those ball fields so we’ll have soccer and lacrosse tournaments that will dove tail outdoors with what they’re trying to do at the nexus center. so there’s a lot going on and its really accelerated now that we have the harbor walls done.

The project is set to be done in two years.

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