The Department of Pubic Works’ Master Park Plan project

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The Sal Longo Field, located at T.R. Proctor Park, was created for sporting events and entertainment performances. In order to support that, there needs to be a building to house locker rooms, bathrooms and office spaces.

“We’re hoping to have soccer being played on the field and football being played on the field, so we want two seperate locker rooms. Football locker rooms, soccer locker rooms, you have to have bathrooms for the spectators. Eventually the complete build out for that field would include two thousand seats. So, you need to have the bathrooms to support that, because it is a public space.” Dave Short, Commissioner, Department of Public Works

A preliminary design of the the field houses was created with a rough estimate of the costs for the project. The next step is figuring out how to fund it all. Dave Short says this is all a part of DPW’s Master Park Plan, which will help complete the sal longo facility, and several other parks throughout Utica.

‘This park master plan addresses I think 14 different parks throughout the city, not every park but all of our major parks. And it gives it a blueprint for the future, where we’re going with it. Instead of me just deciding what I want to do every year, we actually have a plan that says this is what has to be done in the next five, ten, 15 years down the line.” Dave Short, Commissioner, Department of Public Works

Some of these park projects require large sums of money, and it takes time to secure the funds. Although there’s no clear finish line in sight, Dave says they’re working on beginning these projects this year.

“We’re just starting to put together our capitol budgets and at that point it goes through a whole process of what we want to fund, what we need to do, how soon can we do it, so there’s a lot to it. It’s too early to really tell where we’re going to go with it, but we will do something this year.” Dave Short, Commissioner, Department of Public Works

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