ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10/WUTR/WFXV/WPNY)–Next Wednesday, October 4th, is the day when those who want to grow, sell, or distribute marijuana can send in an online application to through the state’s Office of Cannabis Management website.

“Our goal as the state, as written in our law, is to issue about half of our licenses to folks who are in this social and economic equity groups,” explained John Kagia, Director of Policy for the Office of Cannabis Management. “But we will also be accepting licenses from anyone who would like to participate in this opportunity rich market.”

The Office of Cannabis Manangement said by allowing additional stores, this will help farmers sell a surplus of product that has been grown in the state

“We do want to set aside some licenses for people who have locations that qualify and are ready to go to ensure that we can get the biomass, the incredible biomass— the incredible cannabis flower that our growers have produced sold as quickly as possible,” said Kagia.

By buying marijuana through legal stores, Joe Belluck, Chairman of the Cannabis Advisory Board, said a portion of every dollar spent goes into a fund to be reinvested in New York State communities.

“Right now there’s about $4 million we think from the first sales up until this point,” said Belluck. “But I think given what we’re seeing with the likelihood of increased sales, more retail locations, we’re probably looking upwards of $10 or $15 million at least a year that we will have to get out it could be much more than that.”

The Cannabis Advisory Board is in the early stages of determining which organizations will be granted money. It is expected to be distributed around the spring or summer of next year.

If you wish to apply to become a cannabis seller, you may do so at