HERKIMER COUNTY, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – First and foremost the most important thing is it will no longer be a safety issue,” said Robert Palmieri, Mayor of Utica.

The former Charlestown Mall, located in the City of Utica and Town of Frankfort, has been abandoned for years and was the site of a major fire in August.

“That fire put a spotlight on how bad I was at that location and gave us the extra cause to have the state and federal governments to take a look at it,” said Glenn Asnoe, Town of Frankfort Supervisor.

The Town of Frankfort Supervisor says this involvement was beneficial because The City of Utica and The Town of Frankfort alone would not have been able to do the project alone. The abandoned site has also put stress on law enforcement.

“The fire department has responded to numerous calls of fires at that location the police department has responded to numerous calls of trespassing that all have to get investigated. All have to be responded to and remediated. It takes a strain on their workforce and the time it takes to do it,” said Asnoe.

So what could this site potentially be used for? Officials say it is too early to tell, but this land has potential.

“Warehousing future use of manufacturing multiple uses for that place it’s a great location right off the truck route and when they remediate it what level it is remediated will dictate what could go into that site,” said Palmieri.