MOHAWK VALLEY, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – The Mohawk Valley Economic Development Growth Enterprises Corporation, or Mohawk Valley EDGE, is an Oneida County entity that assists businesses in locating areas of the Mohawk Valley that could be utilized for a company’s growth and prosperity.

With this said – Mohawk Valley EDGE is heavily involved in Central New York becoming the top semiconductor manufacturing hub in the country, so Eyewitness News followed up to get their thoughts on the ongoing SUNY Poly situation.

As a reminder – it seemed like Governor Kathy Hochul gave the notion to the Albany Times-Union that the economic development of the Mohawk Valley could be de-emphasized – but is it possible that SUNY Poly becomes disconnected from Quad-C?

 “No, it wouldn’t be disconnected from Quad C. No, not, not at all,” explained Steve Dimeo, President of Mohawk Valley EDGE.

“I think what she was focusing on was recognizing the need for boosting the role of SUNY Poly in terms of leading the development of a tech workforce. So, I think she’s correctly focusing on the need to make SUNY Poly, a more active part in the development of a talent pipeline.”

He continued, “Particularly I would hope in the areas of undergraduate engineering programs and bring on graduate engineering programs to sustain the growth of a cross-regional economic development opportunity. So, that’s what I would hope she meant by that interview. And, you know, those are points that this region has made to some of her staff prior to the election.”

“So, I think we would welcome the opportunities to have those conversations and to point out areas where we think the state could invest in boosting SUNY Poly’s profile.”

Dimeo also explained that Quad-C is currently being fully occupied by Semikron and Danfoss, but that it’s possible for other businesses to expand in other parts of the Mohawk Valley.

“We also, besides Wolfspeed, have the balance of the Marcy Nano-Center site, which is actively being marketed and conversations are in place with multiple companies that are looking at that as a potential location for their expansion plans,” said Dimeo, “Taking advantage of the Federal Chips Act legislation that Senator Schumer helped shepherd through.

“We’re uniquely positioned to prosper with the growth of the industry, and the federal focus on a national industrial policy to kind of boost the United States share of semiconductor manufacturing.”

He continued, “So, we think those prospects are strong, and we’re optimistic that besides Micron and Wolfspeed and DanFoss, there’ll be other opportunities here in the Mohawk Valley.”

Dimeo concluded by emphasizing that Mohawk Valley EDGE has been very vocal to Governor Hochul in their aversion to changing the SUNY Poly Marcy campus.

“I mean, we were not fans or in favor of the plan to separate SUNY Poly Marcy Campus from the SUNY Poly functions that are at the Albany Nanotech site, and have that reunited with the University of Albany, she’s fully aware of that,” said Dimeo.

“So, I think if the governor is focused on that in the same way we’re looking at it, then I think we would be on the same page.”