ONEIDA COUNTY, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – An Oneida County Sheriff’s Deputy was seen going above and beyond to help a family in need at a local area Walmart who did not have the proper safety equipment for their children in their vehicle.

During the evening of Saturday, September 17th, a family of six pulled into an Oneida County Walmart and exit their 5-seat vehicle. Oneida County Sheriff’s Deputy Hanes was already at the Walmart assisting with an unrelated matter when he observed the family arrive and enter the Walmart.

Once inside, Deputy Haynes approached the family’s car and saw there was only one car seat. The family had four young children, three of whom were required to be in the backseat and in booster seats and were not when they arrived at the store.

Deputy Haynes waited for the family to finish their shopping and return to their vehicle to speak with them about their situation. Rather than issuing them tickets for their violations, the deputy instead explained the laws and the proper way to safely transport the children. Deputy Haynes then went into Walmart, purchased three booster seats, and installed them into the family’s vehicle for them before they left.

The actions of Deputy Haynes were witnessed by a local area resident in the parking lot that night who took it upon themselves to contact his superior officers for recognition.

Thank you to Deputy Haynes, the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office, and other surrounding area law enforcement agencies for serving our communities.