UTICA, N.Y (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – To take more people’s opinions into consideration and where there are opportunities for improvement, New Hartford Central School District collected suggestions from school staff and community members.

Aiming at better focusing on limited goals to make improvements, participants from district staff, parents, students, business owners, and higher education officials are invited to respond to an open-ended question. And then consider and assign stars to the ideas shared by others confidentially. A summary report of the staff exchange is available online.

“We heard people’s concerns about the union’s contract, and we are working with the association in a very positive manner. But the focus of the change is to focus on what we are doing well and what we can do to improve the academic program. And help us develop a strategic plan. And through the information both from the faculty and staff, and through the community, it falls into certain buckets. So academic, the academic program is one thing that the community wants us to focus on. The other has to do with the school environment and creating connections. A third theme I guess that came out of thought exchange was for us to not only communicate better internally and externally but also to be better collaborators, with the outside organizations,” said Dr. Cosimo Tangorra, superintendent of the New Hartford Central School District.

Dr. Tangorra said that priority will be given to these five major segments: academics, communication and collaboration, school environment, facilities, and student’s voices.

After a period of discussion, they will present the concrete plan to the board of education at the December 20th meeting.

“It has a laser-like focus on those goals at the same time. It keeps the whole organization in the right direction,” he said.

New Hartford Central School District hopes that it will serve as a guide for the school board in making decisions that align with the priorities identified by the district’s stakeholders.