National Stroke Awareness Month: More than 800K strokes reported in the U.S. each year

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ONEIDA COUNTY, N.Y. (WUTR-TV) — The CDC reports nearly 800,000 strokes each year in the U.S. Strokes affect people of all ages and backgrounds. One common misconception is that mini strokes aren’t as serious because the symptoms are less severe.

“After a T.I.A. or a mini stroke the chance of having a larger stroke is almost up to 12% in the first 3 months,” said Dr. Varun Reddy, Interventional Neurology, MVHS.

With strokes, especially T.I.A’s, symptoms may come and go but it’s still important to get medical treatment immediately.

Dr. Reddy says, “Every minute saves about 2 million brain cells so every minute counts and every minute saved there’s a higher chance of recovery towards an independent lifestyle.”

The St. Luke’s campus at MVHS recently adopted a new technology that allows doctors to view patients’ scans in real time, right from their phones, for faster treatment.

“Since we’ve introduced that software our times have almost reduced in half in being able to identify those strokes and that’s the first step towards offering treatment.” says Dr. Varun Reddy, Interventional Neurology, MVHS.

Early detection is key, but Dr. Reddy says it’s best to focus on prevention so that a stroke doesn’t happen.

Dr. Varun Reddy explains that, “Common risk factors hypertension, smoking, high cholesterol, sedentary lifestyle, not enough activity. You know I always think what we do now reflects in our health 10 years from today.

Dr. Reddy says everyone should talk with their doctors to assess the risk for strokes.

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