Masks to still be required in schools

Local News

NEW YORK STATE (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY-TV) — New York education leaders are walking back on a Department of Health announcement to remove mask mandates in schools and summer camps. New York school districts and Boces leaders just got an email from Education Department Commissioner Betty Rosa who now says schools still have to enforce current mask guidance. She says after talking with DOH representatives, the Department of Education now realizes Friday’s announcement rescinding the mask policies very much depends on a response from the CDC.

Since there’s been no response from the CDC yet, Doctor Howard Zucker‘s letter is a request for guidance, not a confirmed policy change. As of now, students will be required to wear a mask on the buses, classrooms, hallways and on the playground with mask breaks in-between.

Many local officials are now reacting to the news from the state. State Senator Joseph Griffo says the recent letter just adds even more confusion to an already hazy situation.

“We’ve seen a lot of inconsistencies. We’ve seen arbitrary decisions. That has led to confusion and the confusion then leads to a lack of confidence in what’s being released and what’s being told to people, so if you’re expecting people to follow you, then you want to ensure that they have complete and accurate information.” – New York State Senator Joseph Griffo

The Senator and his republican colleagues are calling for the complete removal of the Governor’s emergency powers.

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