“Marcy Bridge Goat” Finds a New Home

Local News

Last time Eyewitness News saw this goat, she was hiding under a bridge over Route 49. Today, she belongs to Utica resident Sherrie Hartwell. Hartwell eventually bought the goat from the owner it ran from when she caught it.

“We started chasing her on foot, she went all the way down to River Road, and she was in the brush down there… she’s still a little bashful, she’s getting better,” Hartwell said.

The goat even has even has her own Facebook group that Hartwell started.

They’re voting on a name Friday in the Facebook group. Right now, “Bridget” is the favorite to win.

“She needs a name,” Hartwell said. “So we thought, what would be more fun than letting everybody contribute to naming her? So, she’s kind of pretty special.”

“Bridget” isn’t the only rescue on the farm – Hartwell has adopted a number of horses, goats and other animals that were set for a slaughterhouse somewhere.

“I’ve had to help with cows, I’ve had to help with horses, I’ve had to help with a couple other goats,” Hartwell said. “She tops it. She trumps anything I’ve ever had to go help catch.”

Now, from her Utica farm, Hartwell’s focus is on getting her new pet healthy. Hartwell said Bridget is thin, because she was out in the wild for two weeks before Hartwell retrieved her from the overpass.

She’s also started to bond with the other farm animals she lives with – especially the alpacas. For most of the time that Eyewitness News was on the farm, the alpacas would group around their new friend as she stood in the back corner of the pen.

But, Hartwell said, she’s getting more comfortable. Pretty soon she’ll be as energetic as the rest of her new family.

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