UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – As COVID cases across Central New York continue to rise, the demand for rapid at-home COVID test kits continues. Local pharmacy Parkway Drugs tells us how they are dealing with the shortages.

“They’re limiting us at how many we can get I think we got about 50 in per store but they’ll probably be gone today they’re that in demand right now,” said Owner and Pharmacist, Vincent Chiffy.

Vincent says that they do not know when they will get their next shipment, and they are careful about which companies they buy from.

“A lot of these other companies they’re marking them up so they must be buying in bulk and marking them up and marking them a little again and it would just be too expensive,” said Chiffy.

Parkway Drugs buy their tests from a company called ,McKesson because they know that tests are stored at the right temperature. Chiffy explains that if tests get too cold for a long period of time they become un-useable.

“We don’t buy from them unless they are legitimate whole sale, we worry that maybe they were not stored right or stuff like that,” said Chiffy.

This is the first order that the pharmacy has received in a week and a half, after the need for testing surged due to the holidays, and Chiffy says that this is not something that they could have planned for.

“Last time we got them was right before Christmas we probably went through about 500 tests within the matter of a week, we haven’t seen anything like this before,” Chiffy added.

If you can’t get your hands on an at-home Covid test kit, Parkway Drugs offers in-person rapid testing, but Vincent tells me those appointments do fill up fast.