UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) — As we head into the summer months and you’re planning a camping trip or a barbeque, it’s important to keep food safety in mind to prevent food poisoning.

“With grilling, there are a lot of things firstly make sure if you have any raw meat keep them separate from any ready to eat foods that could be your salads any fruit desserts if on accident the marinades touch the raw foods make sure you get rid of that because the marinades could easily get heated up in the temperatures,” said Vani Jaswal, Registered Dietician at Mohawk Valley Health System.

As temperatures get warmer, it’s important to remember to keep any perishable food items in a cooler, and don’t forget an ice pack.

“If it’s above 90 degrees Fahrenheit or more than that make sure within one hour you refrigerate any perishable items or again put them in the cooler as the temperatures get warmer it creates the perfect environment for these food born germs to grow in our foods especially,” said Jaswal.

When preparing foods outside remember to wash your hands before handling the meal….as well as after. and while you’re enjoying that summer barbeque it’s important to look for any signs or symptoms that you may be dehydrated or have contracted the food-borne illness.

In this really hot weather hydrate yourself you may faint, you may feel dizzy you may feel a little nauseous you might start vomiting you may have diarrhea those are the most common GI signs and symptoms,” said Jaswal.