ROME, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – The Innovare Advancement Center is a 15000 square foot innovation hub to tackle new challenges like artificial intelligence, quantum and cyber security. Located at Griffiss Business and Technology Park, once known as building 100. The project was conceived in 2018, but built during the pandemic. It is now a multi-layered research and development facility.

“World class researchers, people from around the globe working. With Rome Lab and developing all types of different technologies and cyber security and other pieces of national defense, it is remarkable and really is a proud piece and I think we’re more proud that it can be done here and that we can continue that.” –Anthony Picente, Oneida County Executive

Oneida county put forth six million dollars toward Innovare which was about $14 million dollars.

“We struggled through a pandemic but things like this are important to keep going and that we’re opening up officially after a long year, even though we’ve been working in it for the last several months really says a lot.” – Anthony Picente, Oneida County Executive

“The collaboration that the Airforce Research Laboratory is going to be able to do now with so many not only domestic but international partners— I was just speaking with three people that told me they’ve already gotten requests for international partners to come over here and research and develop with them in a non classified atmosphere. I think the potential of this facility is the trajectory, it is really great. I don’t think we have even tapped it yet. It is going to bring a lot of different people to our area.” – Jackie Izzo, Mayor of Rome