ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN/WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) — As the state continues to supply appropriate resources for the ongoing migrant crisis, what does this mean for the future of New York’s state budget? This past budget, New York State set aside one billion dollars to help with migrants entering New York City. But the numbers have grown and 125,000 migrants are seeking asylum. 

“So people should note, they’re wondering what our commitment this far has been, none of it was projected but we had to meet the needs that’s why we set aside money,” said Governor Hochul at a press event on Tuesday.

On Monday, the Governor announced deploying an additional 150 national guard members to help with case management, an endeavor that requires more money. The state has also picked up expenses for legal services and shelter costs. “Floyd Bennet Field, Creedmoor Psychiatric Facility, Randall’s Island, the state stepped up and said we’ll cover those costs. Fully. Some of them run $300 million,” said Hochul.

The state will be covering 45% percent of the city’s housing costs; how this will impact the future of New York’s state budget is to be determined. “The answer is, how much money will I need in next year’s budget? We know that we’ll have to hit at least a baseline of what we’ve done before, we’re making commitments that’ll go into the future and so we’re actually making those estimates right now, but it’ll be substantial,” said Hochul.

And with Congress failing to pass funding legislation we could be facing a government shutdown, but Hochul said she has confidence that the country will still be able to function properly, but it could impact work authorizations for migrants. “This is something that – within our control – I’ll keep the national guard there, I’ll keep bringing in people, I’ll still let the federal government use state space, but they may not need it and that’s our concern is that this could have an effect.”

Government funding would expire October 1, the start of the federal budget year.