HERKIMER, NY (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) –Herkimer County Legislative Chairman Vincent Bono issued an executive order and a state of emergency in reaction to the expiration of Title 42 on Friday, May 12.

Title 42, an emergency health authority that restricted asylum for migrants used during the COVID pandemic, was allowed to expire on Thursday, May 11.

Bono’s order and the state of emergency will go into immediate effect.

“The County of Herkimer is experiencing a housing crisis due to the limited number of temporary and permanent housing,” Bono’s state of emergency order states. “Furthermore, Herkimer County is not capable of receiving or sustaining any number of migrants and/or asylum seekers.”

Under the executive order, no municipality may make contracts to transport migrants or asylum seekers to locations inside Herkimer County. Also, no hotel, motel, or owner of a multiple dwelling may make a contract to house migrants there unless directed by the county itself. Punishments for violating the order include — but are not limited to — appearance tickets from Herkimer County Sheriffs, a $2,000 fine per migrant housed there per day, and action by the Herkimer County Attorney. Any person who knowingly violates this order will be charged with a Class B misdemeanor.

The order also allows the Herkimer County Sheriffs to make limited stops of people suspected of violating the order and notify house owners of violations of the order.

The local emergency order will expire on Wednesday, May 17 unless otherwise extended. It can be extended for no longer than five days at a time. The state of emergency for Herkimer County will expire in 30 days unless otherwise extended.