Governor Kathy Hochul has proposed a statewide ban on gas appliances as part of her attempt to improve air quality and reduce emissions. The proposal calls for zero-emission new construction meaning a ban on the appliances for new homes starting in 2025, and for larger buildings in 2028. The state will prohibit the sale of fossil fuel heating equipment by 2030 for small buildings, and 2035 for larger buildings. ECR International’s Bob Shea explains there is a wide variety of appliances that will be banned. 

“It not limited to simply gas stoves this is across the board with any sort of fossil fuel. It includes gas dryers products anything pertaining to a fossil fuel heating your home,” said Shea.

Shea explains this proposal is concerning for manufacturers.

“We do have electric boilers, we are products with regards to heat pump applications,” said Shea.

This could cause financial impacts as well.

“So, if a homeowner has now that needs to be replaced in January of 2030 they will not be permitted to be replaced by a natural gas boiler or an oil fire boiler or even a propane unit they will have to go through the course, and it is expensive more than $2,000 today’s prices to upgrade their heating system to some sort of electric appliance,” said Shea.