ONEIDA COUNTY, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – FirstNet has expanded in Oneida County, with new cell sites in the City of Rome and another by Hinkley Reservoir on the Herkimer County border.

“FirstNet is a network that’s overlayed atop the AT&T network so as the AT&T network expands so does the FirstNet public safety network and what the FirstNet public safety network is, it’s a priority and preemption for FirstNet users, public safety users to get through when no one else can and situations where there’s a planned or unplanned,” said Greeley Ford, AT&T Senior Network Engineer.

In addition, AT&T has added a number of new cell sites across Oneida County, helping residents and first responders to have more reliable wireless services.

The new cell sites cover Griffis Business and Technology Park, Oneida County Office Building, Downtown Utica, East, and North Utica, Utica University, St. Luke’s Hospital, Utica Business Park, Notre Dame Junior, and Senior High Burnstone Road intersection there they also provide enhanced coverage to the Adirondack Bank Center and the Nexus Center, which will soon open. The Wynn Hospital, which will open next year, and the New York State Office Building.

Sheriff Robert Maciol says the FirstNet systems and the new cell sites are important for planned and unplanned events. 

“We need to get through whether it’s calling for additional services or support services or additional resources or trying to get ahold of loved ones or family members of maybe someone who is in we need of something we need reliable service we need reliable communication and FirstNet with AT&T that gets us where we need to be,” said Sheriff Maciol.