UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – It’s a big year for the city of Utica, as the mayoral race is set to take place this November.

Republican candidate, Robert Cardillo had previously announced his campaign, followed by Democratic candidate, Councilman Frank Dibrango, and now, another Democrat is being added to the ballot.

Common Councilmember for the third ward, Celeste Friend (D-South Utica), was the first Democrat to formally announce her candidacy for mayor over the weekend to a standing ovation.

Friend is the first woman to ever receive a major party nomination and will be the first-ever female mayor if elected.

“Our city leadership doesn’t really represent all of us, doesn’t even look like all of us,” said Friend.

“We need a city in which everyone not only has a seat at the proverbial table, but everyone has a voice in the conversations at that table, and those voices are listened to.”

Friend held her “Utica for All: A Celebration” event as a way to showcase the campaign she is running– which is to build a Utica, “for all of us, uplifting every community in the city.”

The event included live music, kids’ activities geared at teaching them how to vote via superhero, adult voter registration, and a vision board for the community’s hopes for the future of the city

“We need a politics that represents us,” she said, “Truly represents the various communities that together make up this beautiful place we call home and that we love.”

She continued, “We need City Hall to look as diverse as our grocery stores, or the audiences at the Levitt Amp concerts. Together we are building a better kind of politics for this city I know we can be.”

“A city that serves everyone, that engages everyone – a Utica for all of us.”