UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – Construction on the Nexus Center has been paused since shortly after the pandemic started due to interruptions in funding. Construction has resumed recently, and Rob Esche, CEO of Mohawk Valley Garden, explains that this project is essential in the development of the city.

“I think Nexus is going to spur a lot of business,” said Rob Esche.

Esche says that they have done another economic impact analysis, and the facility would bring well over $30 million to surrounding businesses, and he predicts there will be organic private development in the area as Nexus and the Wynn hospital are finished. Now that construction has started back up, Esche tells us we’ll start to see a change in the process in March and April. 

“Right now, they’ve built what we call building three. There are three buildings to nexus: there’s the outside, the inside, and the one that is actually connectivity between the Aud and Nexus itself so they just finished putting up the steel on that. They are now working on the in-fill on the east side of the building. So it’s been coming along great,” said Esche.

Construction came to a halt in June of 2020 due to interruptions in funding. When asked if there will be any other monetary issues with the project, Esche says everything is in place and there will be no stalls moving forward.

“There’s a lot of moving parts. There’s money that came from the State, money that came from the County, and then the bond which is paid back between the county and the Aud Authority. The Aud Authority sold those bonds, the County backed them, and then what happened is we had a set price, and then that set price we had to get under it,” said Esche.

There has been an escalation in material costs, labor, and other aspects of the project that have caused them to have to scale back and take a little over $4 million out of Nexus. Although the facility plans have undergone some changes, Esche says they will meet their new goal of opening this year.

“Late fall when we open the doors I think people are going to be very proud,” said Esche.