CENTRAL NEW YORK (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – The Senate has passed the bipartisan ‘CHIPs and Science Act,’ and the House is expected to pass the bill later this week, which could have a significant local impact with Wolfspeed in Marcy being one of several semiconductor manufacturers in the state.

“You know, this is sort of, for America, a Sputnik moment,” said Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer.

He continued, “70 years ago, we realized Russia was getting ahead in the space race, and we went all out and beat ‘em, and now China is getting ahead in the science and manufacturing and chip race, and we’re gonna go all out and we’re gonna beat China.”

Senator Schumer says this investment will help decrease the future costs of goods that operate using chips and create thousands of good-paying jobs across Central New York for generations to come. 

This bill also creates $50 billion in federal incentives to bring semiconductor manufacturing back to the U.S., and upstate New York is most suited to get these plants.

Now that this monumental bill has been passed in the Senate, it will head to the House where lawmakers hope to pass it again, before sending it to President Biden for a final signature.

And if everything goes according to plan, what exactly does this mean for the Mohawk Valley?

“5G, to the UAVs, to the quantum computing center at Rome lab, and that helps attract these chip fabs and new companies,” said Schumer.

“And we have two of the best sites in America at White Pine and the Marcy Nano-Center – they are uniquely suited for large chip manufacturers to come here and locate thousands of jobs.”

He continued, “And just look at Wolfspeed – it’ll make Central New York positioned to be one of the places most likely to attract a new, big, chip fab.”

But how exactly does Senator Schumer plan on guaranteeing that these companies will come to Upstate New York specifically?

“I have written a provision that put in $10 billion for tech hubs to make sure it’s not only New York City or San Francisco or Boston that get these tech jobs but other areas,” said Schumer.

“There were a whole number of companies that were thinking of going overseas to Europe or to Asia that with this bill, have now said that they’re gonna locate in the United States – and remember, they depend on the commerce department to get the grants for this – these are large grants – and I am going to, as Majority Leader, I think I’ll have some say with the Commerce Department.”