Believe 271 Lends a Helping Hand

Local News

Their message is simple ” nobody fights alone” and tonight the believe 271 foundation comes to the aid of yet another local firefighter in need.
When it come to Anthony Pagliaro- better known as Pags his unbreakable spirit illuminates the room- but after another battle with cancer emerged- his fire brothers stepped up to the plate. “it’s been tough, it’s been a tough couple years for us.” Years ago when his battle first started- his trips to the hospitals were local, since then they’ve turned to better treatments in New York City making the experience all consuming.”the traveling the tolls, the hotels, the food, it’s very.. It’s difficult…” he says most weeks they leave for the city on Sundays to make Monday appointments, by the time they get back the kids are sleeping…”it takes a lot out of you whether it’s financially, emotionally, it’s a struggle at times. It’s very very difficult…”this holiday season believe 271 surprised Pags and his family with a thanksgiving meal, lifting their spirits during this difficult time. “this is when i was first, when i first got sick, so this time of the year is hard.”
Brian Healey from believe 271 says Pags was the first firefighter they were able to help. “His battle just resonates in our hearts and its hard to picture him going through something like this without the brotherhood of the fire departments and believe 271.”
He says the response from the community and local agencies has been overwhelming. “The list goes on and on, we’ve been very very fortunate. The fire departments have really stepped up and made so many contributions to us so that we can help our local heroes like Anthony.” Pags says without the help of his friends they’d be struggling a lot more..”I say friends and it’s not… It’s family.” A battle he says he wouldn’t have been able to fight without the support system 271 has provided. “That’s what has brought us a lot closer together and really, honestly has helped me fight this all the way and brought us through so far to where we are.”

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