ILION, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – Remington, as a company, has had a tough go the past several years. The company who owned the Ilion operation had filed for bankruptcy twice since 2018. Both of those moves were motivated by the economics of the debt load the company was carrying.

In 2020, the Remington outdoor company, owners of the Ilion gun making facility, broke up. Some parts of what was once America’s oldest gunmaker were sold off. Finally, in September of last year, Remington outdoor, headquartered in Alabama, was auctioned off piece by piece. 

The winner of the Ilion operation was the Roundhill group, headed up by a group of investors led by Richmond Italia. He ran a company, G.I. Sports, in Canada that was going through its own economic turmoil at the same time as Remington.

The new company got its federal license to manufacture fire arms this past February. One of Italia’s first moves with Remington was to hire Ken D’arcy to stay on as the company CEO and he served in that capacity through the second bankruptcy and auction of the company. We reached out to Richmond Italia for information on the announcement and its impact on the Ilion plant, but here was no response.