Local Man Donates Rescue Sleds to Save Lives


When emergency strikes, our first responders have to work around the weather conditions. A local man is creating a way to make their job a little easier. Nearly ten years ago, Eric Centro, Owner of E. Centro Welding in Rome, built a rescue sled to help those involved in a snowmobiling accident.

“It just happens to be, i’m in the business that I can build these but I’ve also had, I’ve been in the situation of needing one of these,” Centro said. 

One of Centro’s family members got into bad collision–and with no rescue mechanism, he only had one choice.

“So I actually put him on my arms, brought him out on my snowmobile, went back, got his uncle and in the meantime the fire department came,” Centro said. 

To prevent others from having to go through this, Centro builds sleds and hands them off to local fire departments, free of charge. The Volunteer Fire Department in Camden received a sled just last year.

“It was very useful, uhm, when you get into a snowmobile accident, it’s a very timely process,” said Chief Bryan Christmas of the Camden Fire Department.

Christmas said the sled allows the firefighters to get into the woods and save the patient in record timing. Before, the procedure was done on foot.

Now, the sled permits first responders to be alongside the patient, walking them through the process. And for Centro, while it does involve extensive labor, the few hundred dollars he spends to produce the sled are worth it.

“If we don’t have this there’s no other way we can do it,” Christmas said. 

Centro said he will be building more sleds to donate soon.

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