Local Lawyer Reacts to D.C. Riots


UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR-TV) — What started off as a political rally ended in a riot at Capitol Hill. On Wednesday thousands of supporters left a rally with President Trump then physically broke into the Captiol building and assaulted police officers. After breaking into the building and assaulting police officers. At least 5 people have died, including a U.S. Veteran shot by law enforcement and a Capitol police officer. Oneka Roach-Campbell, an immigration lawyer in Utica, believes there would’ve had a different outcome had the group not been Trump supporters.

“If it was a black lives matter March, or just a group of black people that did that. Black or born people that did that, we would’ve seen rubber bullets or real bullets coming out. We would’ve seen the tear gas, all of the things that we’ve seen that’s happened during the black lives matter march.” – Oneka Roach-Campbell, Esq., LLM Immigration Attorney

Some rioters in Washington were armed with guns and other weapons, including at least one pipe bomb. From a legal standpoint, Roach-Campbell says the group violated multiple laws and should face prosecution.

“They went passed 4 barriers, they broke windows. This happened a couple days ago and why do we not have warrants out? Everybody’s face is on social media. We know how was inside. We know who staged the coo, attempted coo. Why haven’t there been federal warrants placed?” – Oneka Roach-Campbell, Esq., LLM Immigration Attorney

Roach-Campbell is convinced that race and personal beliefs directly played a role in how the riot in Washington was handled. Also saying she never condones violence, but wishes that all Americans were treated equally.

“We don’t want you to shoot them like you shoot us, right? We want you to not shoot us like you did not shot them. It just shows us that we live in 2 different Americas.” – Oneka Roach-Campbell, Esq., LLM Immigration Attorney

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