COOPERSTOWN, NY (WUTR)— A local inventor and her knitting tool will be featured on “Steve Harvey’s Funderdome,” which airs on Sunday.

“Did you know that knitting is America’s number two pastime? Right after Baseball!” exclaimed Kate Sullivan. 

Cooperstown resident Kate Sullivan is an avid knitter who enjoys the creative process.

“But what is not fun, is chasing after those roll away balls— where they pick up dirt and grime and the attention of your pets, it spoils it totally,” said Sullivan. “So when I couldn’t find a product out there that solves this problem, I decided I would go and solve it myself.”

That’s when she came up with, the Yarnit.

“Its made of lexicon, which is what eyeglasses are made out of, so its virtually indestructible,” Sullivan explains. “You twist it open, you put your yarn in…very simple to use and you never have to cut your yarn again.”

The Yarnit’s base comes off and serves as a storage for stitch markers and needles. It is also portable. 

She says being an inventor is not easy. It took her 5 years from the time she came up with the idea, to the time the product was actually manufactured and sold.

“Finding someone to work with a woman around here is really hard. most plastic factories are used to making plastic battery covers and flashlights,” she said. “So a woman walks in with a knitting idea, it’s a whole educational process.”

But all of her hard work has paid off. Her newest Yarnit invention, “Big Sully” will soon be available to purchase. Sullivan says she has sold at least one Yarnit in every country around the world. 

“It’s a really great product, I love using it,” said Jeanetta Osterhoudt owner of Sybill’s Yarn Shop in Milford.

Osterhoudt sells Yarnit in her stores and says it has been a big hit.

Sullivan offers some words of advice for fellow inventors.

“No matter what anyone tells you, you have to stick to it. If they say it isn’t going to work, you have to believe in yourself.”