Local Company Aids in Disaster Relief

Clean Up Kits Manufactured in Utica

UTICA,NY (WUTR)--- The Red Cross Clean Up Kits given to locals during this month's flooding were manufactured in Utica.

Made by the company Precise Kit Promotions, the packages are used to help clean up the aftermath of natural disasters. The supplies come in a bucket, equipped with brushes, brooms, masks, sponges, gloves, garbage bags and disinfectant. 

"Here we have the cleaner, which is is all purpose concentrated cleaning liquid that you mix with water so you can actually make 5 gallon buckets of cleaning solution that will help with any mold,or storm water that might be in someone's house," explained Evan Gould, the Vice President of Precise Kit. 

These clean up kits were distributed to Utica area residents who were impacted by flooding earlier this month. But not only were they distributed to locals, they were made by locals. 

" I put in a mask and a sponge," said Kathy Gaffney.

Gaffney is one of the 20 employees from the Oneida-Lewis Chapter of the ARC who works for precise kits. She and her co-workers have the capability to make 5,000 clean up packages everyday. They are ready to be shipped out 24/7. But the kits are not the only product the company distributes.

"We manufacture cots and blankets," said Gould.

Precise Kits and the Red Cross played a vital role in helping the passengers on Captain Sully's Miracle on the Hudson, the US Airways flight that landed in the Hudson River.

"The Red Cross, they were the first responders to that which was considered a disaster of some kind.They were there with cots and blankets which we provided from here in Utica," Gould explained.

Utica is a small city, but lends a large helping hand to those in need throughout the country.

"It makes me feel so good," said Kathy Gaffney. "Because i am doing something for somebody else."

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