Local Bride and Wedding Planner Work Through New Guidelines


New York State issued new guidelines for wedding ceremonies and receptions. One local bride-to-be and her wedding planner are trying to work through all the changes in order to be able to walk down the isle and say “I do.”

Jessica Peters is planning to have her wedding at union station in May. However, she has a guest list of over 200 people and she has to get that number down to 150.

“Obviously we can cut it down to just our family and just our closest friends and maybe not the people who will be traveling in but we really haven’t even touched that yet because we don’t even know what it will look like even one month from now.”— Peters, bride-to-be

One of the state’s requirements for weddings is that guests have a negative COVID test, “If they’re tested and they can show a negative test, I think it’s within three days or 72 hours of the event or if they have the immunization.”—Cassie Shaver, Wedding Planner

The state even has guidelines on dancing, “You know last year it was just no dancing, what so ever. Then they said okay, we can have dancing. So if you come with your party they’re calling it or family member and you’re sitting at a table of ten people, then we’re able to take a dance floor, you know a big space everybody that is at this wedding can participate in dances now.” —Shaver

Peters is looking forward to celebrating with her family and friends and is staying optimistic about the process.

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