Little Falls soon to be without a supermarket

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Wanda Sewell’s primary mode of transportation is her feet.

“I go to first baptist church in Little Falls on Sunday’s, I go to “Big M” at least once a week, whatever is in Little Falls I go and I enjoy,” she said.

But, her weekly trips to the Big M Supermarket will soon be coming to an end.

Little Falls Mayor, Robert Peters says the owner of the complex decided to do some remodeling, but without Big M in the design plan.

Instead, Peters says a Price Chopper will go in the shopping center, but it isn’t set to open until the end of summer.

“I don’t have a car and I come to Big M regularly, so I’m just not real thrilled,” said Sewell.

Along with a city without a Supermarket for awhile, the Mayor says some people will be without jobs too.

Jobs will be lost when the store closes just three days before Christmas, but employees will have the option to apply for employment at the new grocery store.

He also says there’s another plan in place for people who can’t drive out to Herkimer or other places for grocery shopping.

“What the city’s plan right now for our seniors is to have the school bus pick up time for them to take them to one grocery store in Herkimer,” said Mayor Peters.

And while some residents will miss their hometown market, others say they’re looking at the bright side.

“It’ll be a nice store and I like to shop in a nice store. They’ll have a good variety, I’m sure of it,” said Rosemary Warren of Little Falls.

Mayor Peters does want to make sure that residents know Big M is the only store being eliminated from the shopping center, but other stores will be moving to the Albany St. side of the complex.

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