Life After Suny Pt.2


Vice president of marketing at Fiber Instrument Sales, Mark Cushman says the Silicone Valley never really left the region and while the news of AMS was disappointing, it’s time to see the positive happening in the area now.

President and CEO of Mohawk Valley Edge, Steve DiMeo says the Nano center is an important thing from the standpoint that it is a demand generator. “It does have a significant economic impact on the region favorably but that’s not to say that’s the only thing that’s underway here in the region,” said DiMeo.

But the Nano project seemed to impact the region like it was the only project underway. Vice president of marketing at Giotto Enterprises, Mark Cushman remembers when the AMS announcement was made years ago. “You could watch and see the excitement they were spending a little bit more, property values they were anticipated as going up.”

You had companies like Purcell Construction anticipated the jobs coming and wanted to invest in housing developments, but that project was put on hold because of AMS but while many believe manufacturing was also put on hold because of that- there are companies who never left doing just that.

“Manufacturing is very much alive and well right here in the Mohawk Valley, it’s how you want to portray it, how you want to promote it and more importantly, do you believe in it and we believe in it,” said Cushman. Fiber Instrument Sales manufactures and distributes fiber optic test equipment, patch cords and connectivity devices, providing more than 400 jobs.

“Yes, there is a direct connection between nano and what we do,” said Cushman. He says when peripheral businesses and other tech companies come in, everybody benefits. “We’re gonna benefit directly because technology depends on technology.”

But with or without Nano, developers say that the region’s economic development is at an upswing whether people see it or not. “We’ve got an awful lot on our plate, uh which speaks well in terms of where I think most people see the region, so there’s definitely a better view of the region from people who are making investment decisions,” said DiMeo.

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