Legislation being proposed to legalize prostitution in NYS


Back in June, legislation was drafted to decriminalize prostitution in New York State. A few local officials from the New York State Assembly tells Eyewitness news that this is the wrong thing to do.

“Examples in the research that I’ve seen within the state of Colorado, it hasn’t changed. There’s individuals that still go through a non-regulated market to purchase their marijuana. So, it didn’t change it, even though it was legalized. Use this example and try to use those parallels. You can clearly see that this would have the same affects.” —Assemblywoman Marianne Buttenschon

“Most people in my district would tell you that they are not in favor of legalizing prostitution sort of thing.” —Assemblyman Robert Smullen

“Along with legalizing marijuana and the bail reform bill, we are turning New York State into a free for all for criminals… for people who want to involve themselves in behavior that is not acceptable to a lot of our communities, especially the upstate.” —Assemblyman John Salka

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