Legalizing Casinos

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Today NewYork State took the first step in amending its constitution. Governor Cuomosays he feels legalizing casinos could have the potential to create thousandsof jobs. Today’s agreement calls for no more than seven privately ownedcommercial casinos in New York. Currently Native Americans have five casinosand there are nine other racinos across the state. But the question remainswould this benefit Oneida County. Some feel that expansion is the answer notnew development.”If Vernon Downs is approved and given the green light to expand and offeran full complement then that would certainly would mean new jobs and thosewould be sustainable jobs. So that’s very encouraging and that’s verypositive.” The assembly and the senate must passlegislation to begin the process of amending the state constitution. Then, itstill has to be ratified by the people.

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