Lawmakers: Stricter regulations on stores tracking smartphones


A New York legislator is calling for more regulations on retailers tracking customers on their smartphones.

According to New York Senator Charles Schumer, some stores such as Family Dollar, Swatch and American Apparel have tried new technology which allows the stores to track a customers every move. For example, where a customer is in a store and how long they’ve spent in a certain aisle.

Schumer is calling for the Federal Trade Commission to let customers opt out of being tracked by stores.

“They’re going to know a lot about you from following you around, even if you don’t purchase, even if you’re just browsing. What we’re saying is simple, it’s a bad idea,” Schumer said.

Schumer says that most customers are unaware they are being tracked while shopping and he says they should at least be told they are being monitored and given the choice to not participate.

He suggests that retailers send a text message or other alerts to a customer’s phone before the store begins to track them.

Customers can avoid being tracked by turning their phones off, turning their Wi-Fi off or turning their phones on airplane mode while shopping.

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