Lashes for Cancer


Battling cancer is not only a physical journey it can also take a large emotional toll. Which is why one local woman is stepping to the plate, hoping to make those battles beautiful. Monica Caplan found her passion in cosmetology through the rewarding experiences of helping people, she runs a business that keeps her busy seven days a week and now she’s going above and beyond to offer free services to women battling cancer and hair loss.

She was doing bridal make up when she had her first experience working with a woman battling cancer.
“It was a last minute thing, she said ‘well, my aunt kind of wanted to get her make up done. She’s got cancer and she’s kind of nervous– she doesn’t have any eyelashes and she just needs a little pick me up.’ so i said well sure! Yeah, let’s do her make up!”
Seeing her client’s reaction was what inspired her to become an esthetician.  
“I’ll never forget it. She said she hadn’t seen herself like that in so long…”
After that all of her efforts went into the eyelash extension business, and now she’s offering free services to women battling cancer and other hair-loss related illnesses.  
Shandy Hart, a woman who battled thyroid cancer is a recent client.
“I have those side effects of not having a thyroid or having hypothyroidism so the hair falling out- that sort of thing.”
She said having the eyelash extensions have made all the difference in her confidence.
“We’re so impacted by the simplest little things within ourselves, if we gain 5 pounds or– we’re so hard on ourselves. So if we can do little things like that to kind of help us day to day to feel good about ourselves. Obviously that feeling is an internal thing that we work on, but if we’re able to look in the mirror and feel confident and strong it just helps us everyday.”
Monica says, seeing the reaction of her clients after their transformation is more rewarding than any form of payment.
“I just want to do it all for free, for them– give them one good thing back out of something that’s not so good.”

To view samples of Monica’s work or learn more about eyelash extensions, visit her website

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