Larry Utter Rejects Plea Offer

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Larry Utter rejected hisplea offer this morning in Oneida County Court. Utter’s case will now be taken to trial, the date has not yet beenannounced.

Utter is a former New Jerseyman accused of killing his wife in Forestport last month.  He was indicted by a grand jury onsecond-degree murder charges and pleaded not guiltily to the single chargeaccusing him of intentionally shooting his wife, Stacey, back on June 11, 2013.

The prosecutor says thenext step in the process is Utter’s attorney now has the right to make motions.

“Basically requesting relief fromthe court, we will answer the motions and one of the motions I assume is goingto be to suppress statements that the defendant made to law enforcement that weintend to use against him,” said Dawn Catera Lupi, First Assistant DistrictAttorney.

Once the motions aredisposed of, the judge will set a hearing date.

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