‘Kuhns For A Cure’ At Relay for Life Sauquoit Valley

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For one Sauqoit family, battling cancer has become some what of a norm. But each year, Relay For Life brings the Kuhn family together. Eyewitness News visits with team ‘Kuhns For A Cure’ at Sauqoit’s Relay For Life.

“We found it, and we’ve been on a roller coaster ever since,” says Debbie Cool, breast cancer survivor.

Debbie Cool was diagnosed with breast cancer in February, but she says cancer is nothing new for her family.

“We started with our parents, out mother had a brain tumor,” says Mike Cool, ‘Kuhns For A Cure’ team member.

“And then my dad unfortunately was diagnosed with colon cancer,” says Debbie.

“My younger sister Marge at cancer at age 31 so its kinda been something that’s been in our family,” says Mike.

Debbie and Mike are part of team ‘Kuhns For A Cure.’ Over the last decade, 5 of their family members, including Debbie, have been diagnosed with cancer. Some have survived and some have not.

“When you wake up and you really feel good, its a good day. And it doesn’t matter if its raining out, if the suns shining, as long as you can go on with your day, it’s a good day,” says Debbie.

“I don’t want any other kid or person to ever have to go through cancer and have it affect their life the way it’s affected mine,” says Briana Cool, Debbie’s daughter and ‘Kuhns For A Cure’ team member.

Since her mom’s diagnosis, Briana has started her own fundraiser at school.

“My friends and teachers call me Willy Wonka because I sell candy; it’s like I have a bag full of candy, I raised about 500 dollars,” says Briana.

And Briana’s money has helped the Kuhns reach $2,000 dollars this year. Mike say he knows his parents are proud.

“We know that they’re all watching, when we see a ray of sunshine come through the clouds, we know that they’re looking down and they’re happy for what we’re doing,” says Mike.

As for Debbie, she’s scheduled for her last chemo in July. Until then, she says it’s her family that keeps her going.

“I really don’t want to see my kids go through this so hopefully we can find a cure for this and then I don’t have to worry about them going through this,” says Debbie.

“I’m really proud of my mom and I love her and I will support her the entire way,” says Briana.

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