Kiltmaking Workshop Attracts Participants From Around The World

Kiltmaking Workshop Attracts Participants From Around The World_4180809121202720175

A kiltmaking workshop is attracting participants from around the world. Barbara Tewksbury is a Hamilton College professor whose garnered a large international following on the art of kiltmaking. All this week, she is teaching her craft to students in a 40-hour workshop. And one man has traveled all the way from Australia to attend.

“It was important to me to come to another part of the world that I’ve never been in before, I’ve never been to the Americas, accepting the challenge of working out how to make a kilt work, its a really great experience to meet other people that are so helpful at this kiltmaking business,” says Ian Robertson, Australia resident and kiltmaking participant.

All of the kilt creations are handsewn and coordinators say it’s a labor of love, not a profit-making venture.

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