Key Witnesses Testify in Clea Trial


Malik Clea from South Carolina is accused of robbing and attempting to murder Willie Jefferson in his Lenox Avenue home back in June. Jefferson suffered from two gun shot wounds, one to the head and leg.

Today, in Oneida County Court, Willie Jefferson testified that he never met Clea before the incident but saw him hanging around the two family home that Jefferson lived in. Jefferson noted that he was not suspicious of Clea’s presence because he assumed Clea was a guest of the upstairs neighbor.

Jefferson stated that the last thing he remembers is being in his bedroom with his girlfriend and then waking up in the hospital on July 2, 2019.

Brandi Niles, Jefferson’s girlfriend, testified that she mentioned to Jefferson a couple times that she saw someone matching Clea’s description lurking around the windows. Niles said she later heard fighting amongst two people that included Jefferson, then gun shots. She said she hid under Jefferson’s bed but Clea came in the bedroom and kicked her feet from the side of the bed.

Niles said Clea asked her, “Where is the money?” she said she did not know. Clea then ordered her to lift up the mattress. Clea took her purse but when he saw there was no money in the purse he gave it back. Niles said Clea told her, “Call 9-1-1, this man is going to die.”

More witnesses will give testimony for the rest of the week.

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