Keeping Healthy: Seasonal Allergies

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Mother Nature may havebeen kind in many places this year, dumping just a little snow, hardly enoughto make a snowman at times.  It’s keptmany from being out in the cold, but such a mild winter can have an effect onthe allergy season. “We are still getting out of mud season and with mudseason you get mold and because we haven’t had a very terribly cold winter,much of the mold hasn’t died of, so we are expecting a very heavy mold issuethis time of year,” says Dr. Frank Dubeck of Excellus BlueCrossBlueShield.

Central New York has greatair quality and great water.  The regionis a river valley, so you do have more moisture, translating into mold. “Weare subject to the pollen everyone has, and there are also environmentalchemicals depending on our housing situation, how well our indoor air isfiltered,” says Dubeck.

Usual allergy symptomsinclude sneezing, nasal congestion and mild coughing.  Although allergies aren’t deadly, they canlead to more serious problems such as sinus infections, and people with asthmacan suffer more complications from allergies. In agricultural communities,dusts and allergens are everywhere and that can trigger asthma.  In the winter when we spend a lot of timeindoors in a closed off environment, that can have implications as well.  But extra filters can help clear the air.

“The other rathershocking thing about allergies is they are insects that feed off your dead skincells, it’s estimated after a couple of years with your pillow, half the weightof your pillow is dust mites,” says Dubeck.

If dust mites don’t botheryou, it’s not a problem, but for those with allergies and asthma coverings onbed clothing can prevent problems.  Asthmaticsneed to pay special care to monitoring their condition, constant care canprevent more serious attacks.  Many findover-the-counter medications work well, but for chronic allergy sufferers, talkto your doctor about allergy shots.

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