Keeping Healthy: Picking the right gym

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Now that we’ve reached 20-13 it’s timeto start on New Year’s Resolutions.  Maybeit’s putting in extra effort at work – or doing some volunteering – the resolutionsdepend on the person.  But one of themost common one’s out there is to start workingout.  Joining a gym is the easy part -but joining the right one that you’ll stick with is the challenge.  Every person is different, with varyingfitness goals – and that’s something that must be kept in mind when picking agym.

“Location, location, location…youneed to go to a fitness center that is convenient for you,” says Health andWellness Consultant Pat Salzer, “some have the machines where you would beworking more independently – so you would be on the treadmill or doing the freeweights; other have more of the classes that are offered there and for somepeople they need that class.”

Salzer says we need to consider thecost, equipment quality, and hours of operation to see if it works with ourschedule.  Ask if the gym has a freetrial – try it on for size before making the full commitment. And she saysdon’t be afraid to join.

“Joining a gym can beintimidating also, so then if look at other resources that are available, ifthey have personal trainers and if you can have a few appointments with thattrainer to get over some of that not knowing what to do.”

Joining a gym is the first part – butstaying there is another story.  Gettingover the first few weeks is often the hardest part – but once you get into thatroutine – it will likely become a part of you.

“The biggest thing is just to doit and if you verbalize to someone else what your goal is, it makes it morelikely to happen,” she says, “have a partner to go to the gym with, and helpsupport each other with your fitness goals you can make it fun, you can make itsocial, you can make it healthy together.”

And take working out as seriously asyou would any other commitment.

“If you put it right into yourschedule like you’ve got an appointment or a meeting at work, or  hair appointment, that way it’s part of yourschedule, part of your daily routine.”

And keep in mind – about 30 minutes aday of physical exercise is the minimum goal – and that can be any time of theday.

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