Keeping Healthy: Is it too late to get the Flu shot?

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Typically the flu doesn’t peak until February- but this year it’s hit high levels already, especially in central New York.Dr. Mark Winther of Little Falls Hospital says this year we’ve experienced abad flu season and it seems as if reported cases will continue to rise. 

“Two years ago we had the H1N1 scareand it was really pushed that everyone get the flu shot.  Last year wasn’t as bad a flu season, andthat immunity wanes over time that’s why you should get it every year, and Ithink less of that stress and scare is there, so I think less people got thatimmunization.”

If you catch the flu, Dr. Winther saysyou’ll get sick pretty quickly.

“Usually it’s got high fevers, tendsto have constitutional symptoms like head ache, body ache, very uncomfortable,fevers and then respiratory, like a dry cough.”

But he says it overlaps with otherillnesses, so it can be difficult to diagnose – especially over the phone.  If you have those symptoms, it’s best to getchecked out in person. There are flu tests out there, but they can be inaccurate.If you have the symptoms, haven’t gotten the shot, are not getting better–evenif your test is negative, chances are you’ve come down with the virus. When indoubt, see your doctor.  Just becausecases have spiked early though, doesn’t mean flu season will end early. Dr.Winther says it’s not too late to get the shot – as we’ll most likely see casesuntil May. The only people who shouldn’t get the shot are those you are lessthan six months old, anyone with egg allergies, or those who have the viruscurrently.

Once you get the shot, and antibodieshave developed (which takes about two weeks) You can consider yourselfwell-protected against the virus, if you’re young and healthy. Mostcomplications and death are related to those over 65 years of age.  Overall, don’t blow off your symptoms.  If you feel sick, listen to your body.

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