JFK Files


HAMILTON, NY (WUTR)— Today, The National Archives released 676 previously classified documents regarding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. More than 2,800 other files were made public last week.

“When Kennedy was assassinated, my father called his brother and recommended the appointment of a blue ribbon commission, and apparently discussed who should chair it, and obviously Earl Warren wound up as the chair,” Colgate University’s visiting chair of government and jurisprudence, Professor Nicholas Rostow said.

Rostow’s uncle, who served in the Kennedy Administration and his father, who served in the Johnson Administration helped lay the ground work to what would become known as the Warren Commission. It was the commission responsible for investigating the assassination of President Kennedy.

“It came out with a report concluding that Lee Harvey Oswald was the assassin and that he acted alone,” explained Rostow.

While looking through the newly released files, Professor Emeritus Doug MacDonald, learned new information about Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who killed the president.

“We knew that Oswald, a couple months before the assassination, went to Mexico City where he visited the Cuban Embassy and the Soviet Union Embassy. We knew that he was in contact with them,” MacDonald said. “What came out in this was that he was not only in contact with someone in the Soviet Embassy, but the person he was in contact with is in Department 13,which is the Department of Assassination and Espionage wing for the KGB. Their secret police.”

Decades after the President’s death, many Americans believe that the incident was not a lone wolf attack.

“In these documents that have just come out within the last week, is this concentration on ‘we got to get it out there that Oswald acted alone.’ Part of the reason was that people were afraid,” said MacDonald.

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