It’s a Utica Thing!


SYRACUSE, NY (WUTR)—- Utica greens, chicken riggies, tomato pie, and half-moon cookies may be a Utica thing, but you don’t have to be from Utica to love them.

“Utica greens and tomato pie, you can’t beat it!” exclaimed Sgt. Mark Streiff. “It’s the best!”

‘Its a Utica Thing’, a food truck that sells traditional Utica cuisine is at the New York State Fair.

“Right off the first day, we had great reviews of being the top pick at the State Fair,” said Charlie Digristina, founder of ‘It’s a Utica Thing.’

Many fair-goers agree with the food truck’s review in the Syracuse Post Standard.

“This is our 3rd year here,” said Digristina. “Every year it gets a little busier…Maybe people who are outside of the area, who don’t get it all the time, can’t wait to stop in and try it again.”

Charlie Digristina and his food truck travel all over Upstate New York to promote Utica and it’s unique dishes. He said the food is always well received.

“It’s really just a great representation of things that started in Utica, New York,”stated Digristina. “There’s original Utica greens, chicken riggies, half-moons… these are just things that people have come to realize and know. And when they see the word Utica, they come to the trailer looking for it.”

‘It’s a Utica Thing’ will be at the New York State Fair until Monday.

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