Italia: If Employees Strike, Remington Plant Closes


ILION, N.Y. — The original schedule was to have staff begin returning on February first.
But at Remington, Richmond Italia says office staff has been in for two weeks.

“We’re trying to push the schedule as fast as we can, so obviously everybody was ready to come to work, and we figured, you know what, give them a couple of extra weeks to get everything back together again,” Italia said.

They’ve also come into work without a collective bargaining agreement.
Roundhill Group and the United Mine Workers of America started negotiating a few weeks ago.
At that time, UMWA said that Italia should not bring workers back without an agreed-upon CBA.
Italia says that he welcomes a union, unless they tell the employees not to come to work.

“Think about it, what is a union’s strength? A union’s strength is to go on strike. That’s really all a union can do. And if they choose to go on strike, that’s the end of New York. We shut the doors, we never open it again,” he added. In the past, he’s said other states have asked for his business to be moved there.

Maintenance staff and line workers are still expected to be coming in over the next month.
Remington employees have been out of work since last fall, and Italia said his main priority is just getting people back into work.

By March 5th, Italia said product should be coming off the assembly line, if all goes well.

We reached out to the United Mine Workers of America for comment, but have not heard back.

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