Investigating a Former Elections Commissioner

Investigating a Former Elections Commissioner_-7818218325789490545

Countydocuments show that on October 13th last year Republican election commissioner PamMandryck filed paperwork to become democrat. Fast forward a month later and OneidaCounty held elections which Ms. Mandryck certified. The county says Ms.Mandryck officially became a democrat on November 13th and therefore shouldhave vacated her position.  Mandryckstayed through the 31st of December and now the county is saying she waswrongfully compensated.

Oneida CountyExecutive Anthony Picente says, “According to state election law that took place aweek after the election and that made it very clear that she had vacated herposition in terms of her party affiliation yet remained there and knowing fullwell that she shouldn’t have been.”

            However Ms. Mandryck says that’s not the case. She saysher term was through the end of last year and she worked until that day.

Mandrycksays, “Istayed, I did my job through the 31st of December. I didn’t not show up towork, I did what I needed to do. I was still the Republican Commissioner untilthat rollover took effect and so therefore their claim that I served illegallyis specially false.”

Mandrycksays she switched her party affiliation in order to accept her new position asthe minority analyst. But the county is saying Ms. Mandryck was compensationthrough salary and benefits that she shouldn’t have received.

Still, Ms. Mandrycksays she doesn’t feel she cheated taxpayers in any way. “No I don’t, no. Ican in good conscience sit here and tell you that I didn’t cheat anybody out ofanything, absolutely not, absolutely not.”

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