Inside Look on a Search and Rescue


Firefighters have to be ready to take calls at any time.  So they have to keep their search and rescue skills sharp all the time.  Eyewitness News reporter Nicole Todd got an inside look at that training.

The Whitesboro Volunteer Fire Department says practice makes perfect. Tonight we see how they prepare for the call of duty.

“All the time, if it’s from car extrications to house fires to a routine medical calls, like people say, nothing is routine but you never know what you’re going to come up to on a call, everything is always different,” Carmen Ambrose, Lieutenant said.

So they suited me up in turnout gear…gave me some pointers… and took me with them on their training.

“Yeah you’re on your knees, low because all that heat it’s basically pushing you down and when you’re on your knees and stuff the smoke will bank down too, but you can see more where the smoke is down all the way to the floor.”

Our own Austin Fontanella is a volunteer there so the turn out gear I wore was his.

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