Ingersoll Trial continues as witnesses take the stand

Ingersoll Trial continues as witnesses take the stand _1152708043070129279

Witnesses have taken tothe stand today as Craig Ingersoll’s trial resumes. The Utica man is accused ofkilling Jennifer Bennett over five years ago. Her body was found behind the DeerfieldFire House back in January of 2007.

A Forensic Investigatorfrom the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office testified. He said he collectedevidence at the crime scene and on the victim’s body. We also learned how thepathologist determined how Bennett died.

“The way her clotheswere found suggests she was a victim of sexual assault,” said Sgt. Peter Healtof the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office.

Sgt. Healt says the victimwas found with her jeans pulled down below her knees and her jacket, shirt andbra were pulled up over her breasts.

The investigator’s job wasto collect and preserve evidence.

He says he saw bruises andscratch marks on her face and body and evidence that suggested she was draggedacross the mud.

And when the investigatorrolled the body over, there was no snow underneath her, suggesting she was placedthere before the snowfall.  But, mostimportantly DNA evidence was found, a single hair on the victim’s back.

Sgt. Healt was also therewhen Dr. Michael Sikirica performed an autopsy.

The pathologist also tookthe stand- explaining how he came to determine Bennett was strangled to death.

A toxicology report alsorevealed that Jennifer had heavy amounts of cocaine and pain killers in hersystem. Prosecutors say she had a drug problem and worked as a prostitute tosupport her addiction.

During a suppressionhearing earlier this year, investigators said Ingersoll admitted to being withseveral prostitutes, including Jennifer.

The victim’s mother alsotestified, talking about her daughter’s drug addiction and what type of womanshe was.

The trial will continuetomorrow with more witness testimony.

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