Increase in Domestic Violence Since Start of the Pandemic


ONEIDA COUNTY, N.Y. (WUTR-TV) — Since the start of the pandemic, reports of domestic abuse have sky-rocketed. The YWCA Mohawk Valley says they’ve also been swamped with calls for support.

“50% increase in our services since last year 50% in the pandemic we were non-stop busy imagine being trapped at home with your abuser it was horrifying.”Dianne Stancato CEO, YWCA Mohawk Valley

In 2020, Stancato says they had over 45,000 instances for help, compared to about 21,000 the previous year. She says stress from the pandemic can make the abuse so much worse.

“Layer on a job loss you know you can’t pay the rent you have food insecurity your homeschooling your kids you’re worried about broadband you don’t have the right equipment and it just creates all kinds of stress on the family dynamic and sometimes that pressures the abuser even more.” – Dianne Stancato CEO, YWCA Mohawk Valley

She says it’s always good to have a safety plan in place and reach out for help if you’re in immediate danger.

“Gather the important things that you might need and birth certificates and paperwork you know try to pack a bag get ready to go if you can go to family if you want to come into one of our shelters.” – Dianne Stancato CEO, YWCA Mohawk Valley

You can also text their crisis line at 315.797.7740. For more information on resources visit

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