(WETM) – Hydration hydration hydration. The Twin Tiers are seeing extreme temperatures this week, and the heat index (which takes into account the real-feel temperature) is supposed to reach about 95 degrees on Wednesday. This can quickly leave pretty much anyone and their animals dehydrated and in danger.

The Windham Township Fire Department, the Chemung County Office of Fire-Emergency Management, and Cornell University posted some simple tips that drivers, runners, work site workers, and those just staying inside can do to help cut the effects of the 90-degree-plus temperatures.

Chemung County EMS said that anyone working in an outdoor work site should remember to stay hydrated and take frequent breaks in the shade. If you’re spending time outside in the heat, you should limit your amount strenuous physical activity, and again stay hydrated and in the shade as much as possible.

Vehicles are another important thing to remember, Emergency Management said. Kids and pets should never be left alone in a locked car. And people staying inside should also check up on the elderly, sick and anyone without AC.

The Windham Township Volunteer Fire Department also said light-colored and breathable clothing is best. Pets should also always have access to shade and water, the department said.

On July 20, a cooling shelter will be open from 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. in LeRaysville Borough in Bradford County, Pa. The shelter will be in the borough hall with air conditioning and bottled water for anyone trying to escape the heat.

Cornell University also posted tips and reminders for residents and farmers to keep themselves and their livestock free from the effects of heat stress. Cornell said any animal refusing to eat, is breathing hard, or is salivating excessivle should be bathed in cool water and rubbed from the ribs down to the legs.